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To diagnose the disease in people who do not suffer from immunodeficiency conditions, intradermal tests and serological reactions with histoplasmin are used. Since such studies require a large amount of time, the most appropriate method for diagnosing histoplasmosis today is the isolation of the culture of the fungus. Differential diagnosis of acute forms of the disease is carried out with tuberculosis, acute bacterial pneumonia, mycoplasmosis, ornithosis. Differential diagnosis of chronic forms is carried out with tuberculosis and various types of pulmonary mycoses.

The differential diagnosis of disseminated forms is carried out with miliary tuberculosis and sepsis. With mild to buy propranolol online histoplasmosis, patients are usually not prescribed antifungal drugs, which are characterized by high toxicity. As a rule, symptomatic therapy, desensitizing therapy using histoplasmin, vitamin therapy, etc. are carried out. A water-soluble preparation based on amphotericin B - amphoglucamine is also used inderal pills. It is not as toxic and can only cause kidney damage. Apply it in a course of 3-4 weeks. While taking this drug, the patient should carefully monitor the condition of the kidneys.

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For the treatment of histoplasmosis in HIV-infected people, ketoconazole, fluconazole, vitamins, antihistamines, etc. are used. Acute pulmonary histoplasmosis proceeds favorably for the patient, however, severe forms of histoplasmosis in rare cases can become chronic. In HIV-infected people, histoplasmosis is severe and even with therapy can result in the death of the patient. Histoplasmosis is a fungal disease that affects the internal organs of a person, most often the lungs, less often the liver, spleen, and mucous membranes. Other names are Darling's disease, reticuloendothelial cytoplasmosis. The causative agent of mycosis is the yeast fungus Histoplasma capsulatum.

Histoplasmosis has a fairly well-established geography of distribution. this disease is typical of Central and South America, the southwestern United States, is less common in Africa and Southeast Asia, is extremely rare in Canada, Europe and Russia - mainly among tourists who have returned from long journeys. According to order inderal pills, histoplasmosis in men occurs 2 times more often than in women, and children get sick 2 times more often than adults. Signs of histoplasmosis may not appear immediately, often the disease is almost asymptomatic. The incubation period lasts an average of 7-15 days, but can last 5-25 days.

In the vast majority of cases, acute pulmonary histoplasmosis is diagnosed, which is usually asymptomatic and is detected only after the results of generic propranolol pills. If a mild form of the disease manifests itself, then the temperature may rise for several days, which is accompanied by general weakness, increased fatigue. But with severe histoplasmosis, the symptoms are pronounced. High temperature - up to 40-41 В� C. This temperature lasts for a long time, then drops to subfebrile. Fever and sweating alternate, but can occur at the same time. Cough with purulent sputum, chest pain. Headache. Weakness, bone and joint pain, weight loss. Sometimes - abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.